Kids Church

We are thankful to open our doors and hearts to God's anointed church of the future. The heartbeat of our Pastor, kids' church, is a wonderful time where the Word of God is shared with children (ages 3-11) by the whole church family as led by Sister Kathy Trammell.

The total involvement of adult readers and worshippers enhances the experience, and creates an atmosphere of Godly unity where children enjoy learning and sharing worship of Jesus with the adults. Come, get involved, and bring the whole family!

We believe that if a family prays and worships together, and keeps Jesus at the center of the family, it will be held together.

Kids' Church starts at 10am and is held in the main sanctuary. We adults will come alongside the children and read and worship with them to foster unity as a church body. We will immediately flow into main service at 10:30am as one.


If you plan on joining us for a service with your children that are interested in participating, please rsvp and let us know you are bringing young ones who want to worship and learn about Jesus!